Hello everyone!  Been journaling but having issues with the Internet; hopefully Kyoto will be better for longer posts.  But until then here’s a kitty and bicycle duo we saw yesterday- I don’t know about you, but I think my cat would have jumped out-

you're a kitty!

And here’s Sasha, a Russian student who’s studying in Japan right now, who has been showing me around.  We did karaoke last night in an effort to improve American-Russian relations-


Will update with loads more later if all goes well.  Sayonara!

2 responses to “Tokyo!

  1. The first city on your trip is my city!

    So, you’re in Japan now? Your first time? How do you like it?

    “Tokyo Five”

  2. Let me be the first to congratulate you (here, anyway), on making this dream into a reality. Ok, that was a major cliche, sorry. But still….

    We’ll miss you at AAAS next month. I just know this year’s mentee won’t live up to your example, but I’ll be nice, I promise

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