Ko Samui

To start things off, allow me to introduce you to Judit-


Judit is my Hungarian cousin who joined me here in Thailand for two weeks during her university break.  The second I heard she was coming I got very excited as, well, you would be excited if your cousin was Judit and you spent your childhood summers living like sisters.


And, of course, this is me.  We’re standing on Chaweng beach in Ko Samui, which is the longest beach on the third largest island in Thailand, respectively.  We flew down here once Judit arrived in Bangkok, as it’s considered one of the loveliest islands in Thailand and an hourlong flight was more appealing than a 16-hour bus+boat ride.

And I must say, this place is quite nice-


We spent pretty much all of yesterday sitting on the beach and getting patchy sunburns in the random places we forgot to apply sunscreen.  I must say this didn’t stop a few guys from trying their luck, leading to my theory that guys try their luck exponentially more when there are two pretty young ladies to try luck with!

Another interesting thing about Judit is how, of course, we speak Hungarian.  As I haven’t spoken it for years except with my mother and grandmother it’s interesting to dust off my vocabulary- Judit however is nice and informs me that it’s not that I have an accent or anything, but rather I’m slower to string my words together than a native speaker.  Good analysis… It should be noted of course that there are other Hungarians in our hotel but they’ve been so involved in their world they haven’t stopped to listen that maybe other people around them speak their language and know what they’re saying.  I’m tempted to shout loudly “beszej egy kicsit hangosabb, nem hallotam pontosan!” (“talk a little louder, I didn’t quite hear you!”) to get their attention, which would freak them out as Hungarians abroad universally assume no one knows what they’re saying, but haven’t yet.

Anyway, more pictures!


There are a lot of strays and non-stray dogs on the island, and this particular one apparently sleeps in front of our room every night.  As in, yes, that is our door, but the mutt doesn’t wake up when we go in so it’s all good.


And last but not least, a picture from our revelry last night!  Chaweng beach has both a crowded main street running parallel to the beach and places on the beach itself- drinking on the beach is far more appealing, so we came to this hopping place last night for our dollar beers.  Because, you know, if you’re not partying on a beach where you’re able to recline like a Roman you’re doing it wrong!

Ok, I have more pictures, but this Internet cafe isn’t good at even rotating them so the ones taken vertically will have to wait.  And tomorrow we’re headed for Ko Tao, another nearby idyllic island famous for its snorkelling and diving, so we’ll see what we find there.  Cheers!

2 responses to “Ko Samui

  1. Hi Ladies!

    Take care about cold drinks! Don’t drink fast!

    Have a nice time around Asia!


  2. Nagyon szep magyar lanyok !!!!! :-)))))))))))))

    Beautiful hungarian girls !!!!!! :-)))))))))))))

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