Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is one of those places I would send my parents to if they ever decided to go to South East Asia.  The town is unquestionably nice- an odd fusion of French colonialist and Lao architecture wedged between two rivers, filled with so many lovely temples you keep running into them.  The whole town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site actually…asia-004

A view not far from my guesthouse on the road going into town, about a ten minute walk.  My guesthouse is entertaining because the owner is in one of those people determined to fatten me up.  He keeps pointing at the bowl of free bananas saying “banana? you eat banana? you very small, eat banana!” and won’t let me out of sight until I start eating one.  Then he gave me free fried rice for dinner tonight.  I’m not going to guarantee that his grand scheme will work, but I’m not saying no to the free food either.

But what is the coolest thing about Luang Prabang?  Actually, it’s a series of waterfalls-


About 32km outside town there is a series of cascading waterfalls called Kuang Si that are a prime tourist attraction- it is impossible to walk down the street without having a tuk-tuk driver saying “waterfall?” in a hopeful voice.  And for good reason- it gets decently hot in the middle of the day in Laos, and some of the waterfall pools are great for swimming!


And jumping, and rope-swinging naturally.  Actually, this place is quite unique and I’ve never been anyplace quite like it.


The tallest waterfall, under which you are not allowed to swim.  However, a Canadian scallywag climbed to the top of the waterfall to provide some scale to the picture.

(Alex left today actually, realizing he needed to hightail it to Bangkok if he is to make his flight by the end of the week.  He will be sorely missed!)

asia-009And because we are in the middle of the dry season, we ended up climbing up past the “danger, do not enter” signs to check out some of the further up waterfall pools, which involves climbing up part of the cascading waterfall itself.  Surprisingly not that difficult actually, as there is so much limestone deposited your feet get a great grip, plus we got some of the falls all to ourselves.

And it feels odd to write about a town where the pictures mainly focus on something next to the town, but the Internet cafe is closing so further pictures will have to wait.  Cheers!

One response to “Luang Prabang

  1. Ah, Luang Prabang, I have such fond memories of that place! Really beautiful town, and those waterfalls are fantastic too.

    Laos is such a wonderful country, I can’t wait to go back

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