Why I Will Never Forget Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a lovely little town in the north of Laos, but what ensures I will never forget it is an email I got earlier today- I was accepted for graduate school!  Ok, so it was Case Physics and I would have been depressed had my alma mater not accepted me (thanks guys!), but one is infinitely better than none and it’s nice to know I have some sort of future.  We’ll see what happens next, as I have only heard from 4/10 schools so far…

Anyone else have good news?

PS- One of the main reasons I am quite tickled right now is I once tried to work out where I might be upon my first graduate school acceptance, and figured Luang Prabang was about right so my mind concluded this is what would happen.  I’m almost wondering if I mentioned this to someone back home…

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