Planning the Grand Tour

It’s hard to believe, but in just ten days time I will be leaving Asia and heading for Europe!  I will be arriving in Munich after which the plan is to head south for some skiing in Austria, down to Italy while the rest of Europe is still cold, and then over to Hungary for Easter with my relatives.  After that… I don’t know yet.  I have until about late May planned for Europe with no definitive plans, and thought some of you might like to offer input as to where I go!

The main factor here, by the way, is the fact that I have technically already been to a lot of Europe.  The problem is for most of it I was at an age when you are more interested in the local playgrounds than the rest of the local sights (I recall a boring morning I spent staring at the floor of the Sistine Chapel when I was four years old, for example) so there are some places I’m more willing than others to visit.  To narrow things down further…

– I was in Spain when I was sixteen and France when I was twelve.  I have no issues going through France again (French people are actually nice to me thanks to my name) but not sure if it should be a focus.

– Scandanavia sounds interesting, but when even Europeans call it expensive it makes me think this might be a destination best saved for when I have actual income later in life.

– I was in Transylvania (Romania) three summers ago, no real interests to return there.  Russia might be neat but is surprisingly expensive and getting a visa is really difficult.

With that, my initial potential locations are either Ireland and the UK or Greece and Turkey- conveniently as far apart as possible on the continent.  Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this?  Or are there some places you’ve loved on the continent that I should look into further?

Thanks all!

7 responses to “Planning the Grand Tour

  1. Tough call! I haven’t made it to Greece yet but have always wanted to: Athens, the Acropolis, the islands, etc. I have spent a lot of time in England and have enjoyed it a lot – I’ve spent nearly a month in London (spread over several trips) and still haven’t exhausted that city. There’s some great architecture, and their museums – including the little-heralded Science Museum – are some of the best in the world. It’s gotten very expensive, though. Then there are the places outside of London like Oxford and Cambridge, the latter of which is a beautiful town, at least in the summertime, on top of all the history and architecture.

    Ireland is also on my wish list, with a particular desire to see the Giant’s Causeway.

  2. Laura would love to tell you all about Turkey. She spent a summer there and if you do go, you already have a source person.

    Plus I hear Greece is awesome.

  3. Although the UK is my favorite destination, and London my favorite city on the planet, they’re both pricey. Might want to wait for that steady income…

    Maybe consider the Balearics. Not for an extended stay, but worth a visit.

    Great writing, Yvette!

  4. Why not visit Holland! There are some great things to see, like this.

  5. I’ve not been there but I hear really good thing about Greece and the Greek Isles. I’d say don’t miss Athens, Sparta and Corfu. If I have heard right, it’s hard to go wrong in Greece.

    Egypt and it’s antiquities are not to be missed. I know it’s in Africa but it’s close enough to Europe that you can explore it while waiting for the British Isles to catch some spring/summer warmth.

    Love Russ

  6. I hear great things about greece but i would never go to stuuupid turkey. everyone knows ottoman was like the lamest empire for sure.

    in all serialness, i think ireland and england would be more fun. it would be comfortable for you to have english speaking and western culture around you. i hear there are great hikes in ireland, you can go to see every shakespeare play, and truly experience the pub life! i would also want to go play golf but thats prob a noninteresting point for you.

  7. It depends on what mood you’re in. Whilst living in Europe, it was nice to go to Ireland and the UK for a little english speaking vaca. Also, the Irish are SUPER friendly and I had an awesome time there (if you go, you have to go to Galway). In terms of UK, I was only in London which was EXPENSIVE! I blew through a lot of money in a few days, but it was worth it to see all the lovely touristy things and hear the great british accents 😉 I lived in Europe for a year and never set foot in France (though it was 40 km away), so that tells you how I feel about that. I’ve had 3 (yes, 3!) friends have their stuff stolen in Spain (including 2 passports), so I’m wary. Any decisions you make, though, should lead you on an awesome adventure, that’s for sure!

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