In Which Yvette Finally Gets a Haircut

And to save you the suspense, here was the picture snapped just after I got it done-


Even something like getting a haircut in Laos is an interesting affair- after taking the recommendation of a Lao woman on the street I headed to a tiny little salon.  I decided to splurge 40,000 kip ($1.50) for haircut and shampoo, which turned out to be the first cold water shampoo I’ve ever had in a hair salon (it was also after the haircutting part, which I found curious).  Combined with an intense massage that apparently shampooing includes in Laos- partway through the line “Smithers, massage my brain!” came into my head due to The Simpsons bar so I had to concentrate hard on not laughing, which only happened when the lady started chopping at my neck with her hands.  And then put a towel over my face and massaged my eyeballs and eyebrows.  What?

Anyway, then I sat down in the barber chair again as it turns out a haircut in Laos also involves a bit of styling.  Now as a disclaimer to those who don’t know me in the real world, I tend to not spend a lot of time obsessing over my appearence.  As such, I tend to allow hairstylists to do whatever they want on the grounds that they have more experience than me and it will always grow back, and have yet to be disappointed.  Particularly this time- four women ranging from a twelve year old to a grandmother decided to give their input on what to do and only the twelve year old knew any English, so they finally settled on something and gestured at a few pictures in the salon to make sure I approved.  More fussing and arguments and a neat trick with two pins later, the women finished with a few “ah, beautiful beautiful!” comments and smiles.

And I took one look in the mirror and knew my hair wouldn’t look this good for another few months, so tonight was definitely a night to go out.  I grabbed Anne and off we went-


Here’s another travel tip by the way: you might only have one dress, but all that means is it should be a damn good dress.  Between hair and dress I suddenly remembered why I don’t always go through the effort for appearence- guys turned their heads to the point of comic hilarity, and after a point it’s nice to have a touch of anonymity!

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the Audrey Hepburn comparisons though.  So I will save the hairpins for another night.

2 responses to “In Which Yvette Finally Gets a Haircut

  1. Szerbusz Angyalkam! Milyen szep vagy , orom latni! Csak alig tudom elkepzelni, hogy itthon nem fogsz unatkozni , ennyi fantasztikus dolog utan. Tudom csak a szepekrol hallunk, latunk.
    A kozeli viszont hallasig;
    Sokszor puszilunk, mindig ovatosan ! M&D

  2. Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

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