I realize I’m a bit behind on blogging and pretty much anything on the Internet.   Forgive me.   The reason for this is  by nature of my activities these past few days I am dead tired by the end of the day-


That’s right, time for some spring skiing!   My family loves to ski, and so when I started considering a mini ski holiday within the  framework  of my trip I asked my parents if they knew of a good place to ski around Austria.   “Kitzbuhel!” was the immediate reply- my parents spent their first Christmas together in this town and loved it, and that was more than enough endorsement for me.   Plus it turns out skiing in Kitzbuhel is pretty cheap- 35 Euro (US$47) a day for a ticket!   I challenge you to find a mountain even half as good in the US for that price.

Plus Kitzbuhel is really photogenic in its loveliness-image498

And before I forget, yes, I did find a place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yesterday-image337

The bar was jam-packed with Irish people, of course, which is entertaining as the Irish pub in town is owned by an Englishman.  Another interesting thing about Kitzbuhel- I am the only American here, to the point of being a novelty.  If you’re doing a ski holiday in our part of the world you just go West after all, right?  And I must say, the minor celebrity status is kind of fun.


My hostel in Kitzbuhel is called Snowbunnys.  You either know why this is hilarious or you don’t.  Snowbunnys is run by the expat Kiwi named Dave and his Austrian wife, and Dave has the sort of personality I can only describe as “cowboy reincarnate.”  You know, the sort of person who is rough around the edges, but once you gain his respect he is the sort of person you want on your side in a showdown.  Dave proves this by letting his guests spread out in the hostel so after the weekend crowd leaves everyone has their own room even when only paying the dorm bed price (it’s the very end of the season, most hotels close down this weekend).  In hosteling Europe, this is an unexpected luxury.


And because I have no other place to put it, there have been some great sundogs around here! (As in, see that rainbow right above my mitten?) Overall the weather has been great- the first day was one of those ugly “rain in the village, snow on the mountain” affairs that you wouldn’t step out in if it wasn’t your first day, after that it was mainly sun on each day.  Which was good, as it’s not like one comes with full ski apparatus when in the middle of a trip around the world.

And that is what I have been up to.  Of course, the tiredness is catching up with me again so I will leave the actual ski tales until later.  Cheers!

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