Summary of Austria

I came to Austria to ski so I can’t pretend to have a full grasp of the country, but I liked what I saw-


– I really liked Kitzbuhel.  Seeing as I was working on the advice of my parents who visited here over 25 years ago, I suppose it runs in the family.  The skiing was great too.

– Speaking of skiing, I almost feel like I need to write a ”how to ski on less than a hundred dollars a day” guide because had I not rented my equipment I could have done it easily!  Ok, so in the grand scheme of things it was still more than I would have spent over several days whilst in Asia just a few days prior, but 30 Euros for lodging and 35 Euros a day for the ticket… Seeing as you spend about 50 Euros a day in Europe anyway (ok, I do) my little skiing adventure was pretty much the equivalent of two days in Europe otherwise.  Not bad at all.


– I really liked the hostel I stayed at, Snowbunnys, particularly because the owner Dave is really an awesome guy.  Both personality-wise and giving me my own room once the weekend crowd was gone-wise… And this is, by the way, a picture of one of Dave’s cats (who is one of the first cats I’ve met who is fatter than my cat).  Apparently he doesn’t like guests much but he took a liking to me.

– Getting my sundog photos onto!  Because who doesn’t like getting their photographs international exposure?


– To German guys who go on vacation in Austria: please try to be a little more normal.  Not only do I have a new candidate for the worst pick-up line ever from the one who asked every girl in the hostel ”so, are you a lesbian?” (no, but when you put it like that…), there was another guy who was propositioning everyone after about five minutes of casual conversation.  I mean dude, at least buy the party girls a drink first… He ended up spending the night being reassured by the first German guy that all the girls weren’t into guys anyway.

To be completely fair to German guys the ones I met in Asia and their own country were perfectly normal souls, so maybe it’s just the ones in Kitzbuhel who had issues.

– The weather really could have been better- the first day was rainy at the bottom and snow at the top, the second was dreary until well into the afternoon, and the third had the lunchtime snow shower.  Obviously one can’t prepare against such things (and hey, wasn’t it not too long ago I thought precipitation was a far-fetched concept?), but as my brother pointed out this is probably all so I have a variety of things to talk about.

And with this Austrian experience I headed on to the rolling hills of Italy, which will be discussed once I have a moment to do so.  Ciao!

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