Summary of Hungary

It’s difficult for me to write a  ‘normal’ country summary for Hungary because this is the country that is a second home to me more than any other.  Even if I have never actually lived there.



– Spending time with my family over the Easter holiday!  We don’t get to see each other very often, so when we do it’s obviously very special.

– Subsequent daytrips to Tarcal, the Bukk Hills, etc.


– The language: Hungary was the first country on this trip where I spoke the primary language and could assume everyone would know what I was saying, which was wonderful in ways I’d completely forgotten.  You mean people normally conduct conversations without expecting to get by on pointing and excessive body language?!

– Pecs is a lovely little city that I’m glad I finally got to see after so many years of only hearing about it.  Even if the Vasarely museum gives you a headache in its awesomeness.


– Saying goodbye to my family- we’ve been doing goodbyes for years and years never knowing how many more it will be until we see each other again, but saying goodbye is something that never gets easier with practice.  If anything, each time seems harder.

– There was an elderly lady in my hostel room in Pecs who, I swear, wins the loudest snorer award after three months of travel.  I mean I am an expert at dealing with snorers by this point, but I was doing earplugs and head under my pillow and could still hear her loud as a saw!  Obviously, I ended up switching rooms.

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