Summary of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Listen backpackers- forget Western Europe, Bosnia is where it’s at.  Where else do you get this culture, this scenery, these prices anywhere else?  Trust me, you will thank me for adding it to your itinerary.


– Sarajevo is definitely one of the loveliest cities in Europe.  To top it off there is more history and culture in it than you find on some continents, and everyone sits around all day drinking Bosnian coffee.  What’s not to like?

– The scenery in Bosnia is just amazing and some of the best I’ve seen on this journey.  Mostar is a great little town too, though if you have the choice of an extra night there or Sarajevo it definitely goes to the latter city. (I’m cheating in this picture above- it looks like the Stari Grad of Mostar but is actually the goat bridge north of Sarajevo, built in the same style and also on the old road to Constantinople.)

– The prices, my goodness, the prices!  It’s not quite the land of dollar beers that I found in Asia, but it is the land of $2 beers so I am totally ok with this.  I got a room to myself in Sarajevo for under $20, for example, and a bunk in Mostar for $13.  After Western Europe, my wallet is happy I came here!

– Bosnian food is surprisingly good and tasty.  If someone wants to open a Bosnian restaurant back home I will help in putting up capital because I know you will get it back a few times over!  Provided I get food for free, of course.


– It was good to see, of course, but this country’s recent history is never far off.  You will inevitably make good friends who will tell you stories of what it was like to have their friends and relatives die and have each day be a fight for survival and, well, it’s incredibly heartbreaking.  But no one said you travel to only see the good, I guess…

– The museum in Sarajevo devoted to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand leaves a little to be desired so far as content goes- this picture of the weapons used to kill the Archduke are by far the most interesting thing as the rest is devoted to random paraphernalia it seems someone found in an old attic.  But they charge you next to nothing to see it on the bright side.

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