I came to Killarney because even those from Ireland tell you it’s the place to go for pretty scenery.  I soon discovered that while it might be pretty it’s also one  of the most touristed places I’ve been to, which is saying something by this point.   Not to say it was all bad- I went to the movies for the first time in four months!- but not the lovely place to disappear to like Galway.

Anyway, when it comes to pretty scenery the popular thing to do is the Ring of Kerry, for which I got terrible weather but it’s not like the dazzling sunshine before was normal for this country.  Me on the bus-

And the person who stole my camera to take the picture, Gisela, a German working the year in Ireland-

In the spirit of Germans everywhere who can’t seem to survive if they’re not hiking or battling elements, she was forever walking about in gale-force winds with stinging rain with me wondering why we couldn’t go find a cafe to curl up in or something.
Anyway, the scenery!  Now it is an absolutely gorgeous route even in the rain, which is saying something.  Part of the ring is national park but the far majority is farmland, mainly horses and sheep that routinely escape their paddocks and cause traffic jams from all the tourists taking pictures of sheep on the road.  Yay!

Looks straight out of a fairy tale, doesn’t it?  If they put Cinderella’s castle up on the peak here it wouldn’t look out of place.

There’s an awful lot of ocean views on the route too, but this is the most spectacular lookout.  Interestingly this point is only a few kilometers from where the first trans-Atlantic cable came ashore from Newfoundland, 4200 miles away, which is significant because it marks the closest Ive gotten to back home since beginning this trip!  And the closest I will for some time actually…
A few brightly painted houses- it’s a rather normal thing in Ireland to paint your house a bright color different to that of your neighbor, probably because if they didn’t do it the world would look beyond dreary.  Kind of hard to think of the gray clouds when you have a pink house in your view.

In short, Kerry is lovely though I’m sure better weather would have been a nice thing.  And I’m stopping here because my laptop battery is about to die.  Cheers!

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