Summary of the U.K.

The interesting thing about the United Kingdom is you can never let go of the feeling that there’s something very… proper about it. I blame stereotypes for this- when you think of the British some stuffy accented professor comes to mind, meaning I’m always secretly entertained when I hear British people cursing with their accent. Though I should note that this doesn’t always apply to Scottish people, where you are lucky to understand them at all.


  • I know you’re not supposed to say this, but I hit a streak and the weather was wonderful- I even got pink wandering around Cardiff, which I am aware is just not supposed to happen. I spent about two weeks here and it rained about two days the first week and only one the next, making me suspect they had better weather here than what everyone else had back home.

  • I have a confession to make: I never quite got over being delighted with the British newspapers. Back home we like to think rags like USA Today are complete fluff but believe me when I say their British counterparts have nothing on us- for 40 pence you can buy a hundred pages of newsprint which you can finish feeling no more enlightened about the world than when you started. Though the articles unfortunately often stop short of giving you the really important details. Take the above article- by showing up in a jar of Marmite, what is Jesus trying to tell us about yeast extract? Does he endorse it over other breakfast spreads, for example?

  • I am indebted to Doug and his hospitality in particular in London (and, I suppose, his hippie roommate who bought a new guitar instead of paying his rent so I had a place to sleep). Plus London is cool. Can I run away to Camden or the South Bank and never go home?

  • I am in love with Scottish people, their scenery, Edinburgh, and their roast pig. And because Chris from Toronto was sad that he was not mentioned in my original writings about Scotland, he gets a mention here.

  • I really enjoyed my time in Bath, as it’s a lovely little city and my hostel there was the one I enjoyed the most out of the U.K. ones I stayed at. The one in Cardiff may have been rated the best in the world but St. Christopher’s gave me a free Stonehenge tour and had Strongbow for 1.50 pounds in their bar- what’s not to like?

  • Lowlights-

    • I spent a night in Manchester which I didn’t mention before, mainly because I exploited all the touristy things to do there in a few hours. I think if you lived there it would probably be a nice enough place, but not much to do if you’re a tourist really.

    • And while I know we all knew this before I went there, the price. Wow. I’m pretty sure I could have lived a week in South East Asia for what I would spend in a day in the U.K. No wonder you run into British tourists everywhere else in the world, everywhere else is cheap after home for them! And yes, this still stands even after their currency has taken a pummeling and is almost on par with the Euro… I hesitate to think of what it would have been like to visit here last summer.

2 responses to “Summary of the U.K.

  1. Awesome pics… with high res…! An interesting blog to read.. Liked the stonehenge very much…! 😉

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