And That Was The Last They Heard From Them

(Alternative title if you are my mother- “How They Spent the Next Three Weeks Cautiously Having A Safe Time”)

My sister and I just took our first malaria pills- the non crazy dream inducing kind, sorry to disappoint- in anticipation of our overland safari starting tomorrow morning.  We’re in Cape Town right now and will spend the next three weeks traveling through Namibia and Botswana to Victoria Falls, and I don’t have much faith in finding Internet connections in the bush.  On the bright side though, at this rate you will probably get to keep reading about Africa even after I’m gone!

To keep you amused until our return to civilization, I finally updated the “By the Numbers” page for interested parties, and I invite you to tell me  whether a round the world trip ends when you enter the country you left from or when you go back to the exact point you started.  I’m returning to the States around August 1, see, but will be heading to New Hampshire for a few days before going to Pittsburgh to see if my stuff is still in my parent’s basement.  And I haven’t completely made up my mind on this yet.


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