I Hate African Internet

I swear I haven’t forgotten about this space, it’s just that Internet in Africa is almost universally a very slow thing and/or on a quota system for space set at a level so low that you can’t upload a single picture. Not very good for blogging…

Anyway, as a quick update I am flying back to the States tomorrow- part because grad school starts soon, and part because my bank account has hit a number lower than its balance when I first opened it. (Whoever heard of a wealthy graduate student anyway, right?) But don’t worry, I am determined to chronicle my African adventures through for my memory’s sake at the very least, so stories of Botswana, Zimbabwe, and an amazing two weeks in South Africa will be forthcoming when I reach the other side of the pond. Watch this space!

One response to “I Hate African Internet

  1. For me, the gold standard for the Internet remains Hangzhou (China). I’ve since moved to Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Hanoi (Vietnam). My next stop is back home to North Carolina, but I don’t expect much to have improved in Burgaw. We know about the Information Superhighway, but we still have to drive 35 miles on a dirt road to get to the closest on-ramp.

    I’m looking forward to reading about Africa!

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