Okavango Delta from Above

Picture 001

When you’re in the middle of the Okavango Delta, it’s impossible to grasp the scale of it. The place is several thousand square kilometers, meaning we only moved an inch or so on the map above, and the only way to really understand the scale of it is from the air.

Our little eight-seater plane that took us on an hour-long ride above the Delta. I’ve done little planes before, but this one made me sick to my stomach by the end of things, probably because you’re so obsessed the whole time with looking at details on the ground.  As for what the Delta looks like from above, well…Picture 002

It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.  We flew at 500 feet or so the whole time and wow, you really cannot imagine the scale of this place until you look to the horizon and all you see is water, islands, and more water for some good measure.

The most exciting part of  the Okavango Delta from above, though, is spotting the occasional animals as you go by.  Like those grey lumps on the left?  Elephants!  The countless trails through the reeds are made by animals too, as they travel between the islands.

It’s really hard to get a good picture of the animals below from a speeding plane so I opted to not spend much time doing it and enjoy the ride instead, but here’s a picture of water buffalo to give you an idea of what it’s like up there.

My favorite thing though?  The amazing clarity of the water from 500 feet- it’s pretty shallow and water in the Delta is always moving, meaning you can see the bottom!  At one point I even saw a hippo floating with his head above the water like we had from the ground, but from the plane I could see the rest of his body below the water, kicking legs and all.  What a marvel…

All too soon it was time to come down to Earth, but I must say this combined with the trip into the Delta the prior two days was one of the true highlights of my trip.  It never ceases to amaze me that the world never gets boring even after several months of exploring it- just when you think you might have a grasp on things a world marvel like the Okavango Delta will amaze you with its beauty and uniqueness, and leave you breathless.

One response to “Okavango Delta from Above

  1. Your blog is great fun. I check in every week or two and always enjoy your reports.

    Here are some tips for making the blog a little more enjoyable for your readers:

    1. Don’t include so many entries on your main page. It takes forever to load with a dial-up connection.

    2. Make your pictures bigger. Try 4″ by 5.5″.

    3. Sharpen your pictures a little. If you’ve got Photoshop and are posting at 72 dpi resolution, try Unsharp Mask at: Amount = 150%, Radius = 0.7 and Threshold = 0.

    4. Add a short, centered, bold-face caption to each photo.

    5. Put a blank line before and after each photo. You usually do, but not always.

    Keep up the good work.

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