Summary of Zimbabwe

I don’t think there’s any country I wish well more than Zimbabwe.  It is filled with the kindest people you can find anywhere, yet living in the most desperate conditions one normally delegates to “somewhere else.”  Except when “somewhere else” it makes an impression that guarantees the place will stay with you long after you leave.

Also, if anyone can give me the opportunity to meet Robert Mugabe let me know, I want to sucker-punch him.


Victoria Falls- “wow” doesn’t quite begin to cover it.  So long it takes 20 minutes to walk from end to end, so loud you can hear it day and night in town a mile away, and so wet half the tourists don garbage bags to avoid getting soaked (which begs the question which is the stupider half, the ones who look silly or the ones wet to the bone?).

– Beer was a dollar and really quite tasty.  I can never say anything completely terrible about the dollar beer countries.

– On an arguably similar note, due to a combination of great locals and overlanders you can have a very fun night in Zimbabwe.  Probably bad if you actually plan to catch up on sleep, but on the bright side the murmur of the Falls makes for excellent white noise!

– If you want an adrenaline rush in the middle of Africa, come here.  You can jump off cliffs and whitewater raft down world-class rapids and all sorts of fun stuff that makes you sound more hard-core than you really are.


– Want to see what happens when the fabric of society breaks down?  Zimbabwe is unfortunately the classic case for what it’s like right now, with buzzwords like hyperinflation, rampant poverty, and epidemics you only read about in history books.  I wouldn’t wish such things on my worst enemy frankly.

– Another odd thing I frankly cannot begin to understand- a few of the girls did the one-night stand thing while in Victoria Falls.  Ok, I understand some people indulge in such things, but in sub-Saharan Africa? Where the HIV rate is a scary high number so high the odds are almost on par with flipping a coin?  Geez, people.

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