Enter the Wild Coast

The Wild Coast is a hauntingly beautiful and isolated stretch of land in the middle of South Africa found between Port Elizabeth and Durban.  Formerly part of the Transkei, a South African “homeland,” it’s still rather undeveloped compared to the rest of the country, and I loved it immensely- definitely  more interesting than the Garden Route especially if you’re a backpacker!

My first stop in the Transkei was at Cintsa, which is synonymous with Buccaneers Backpackers Resort  for many people- imagine a hostel with an amazing command of the hillside (the above picture was taken on my room’s terrace!) with stuff like a pool and free activities every day like volleyball or a surf lesson and you sort of get the idea.

The cutest puppy on the Wild Coast, who I realize is no longer a puppy as this picture is several months old but I’m certain is nonetheless very cute and very spoiled.

Yeah, to be honest there wasn’t too much going on around Buccaneers while I was there as it was the off season.  Must be a hopping place in the summertime though… but before I make it sound like I did nothing, here’s a bit of a horseback riding I partook in.  After all I’d realized I had more experience on an elephant or an ostrich so far this trip, and that would be a bit odd to go home on wouldn’t it?

My horse, V, short for Olivia rather than a caped fellow with a Guy Fawkes mask.  I’d only ridden a horse once before for about an hour on a Scouting outing but she was a very good horsey, except for how we kept having polite arguments about not going off the trail to eat exotic blades of grass and the like.
Riding on the beach!  It should be noted that this is slightly before the first time I ever cantered which I can tell because had it been taken after I wouldn’t be smiling.  See, V was a very tiny horse several hands shorter than the bully of the group, and during my first time ever cantering said bully abruptly veered right and tried to drive me into the ocean.  How sweet! So I could have done without that bit of excitement, but the second non-threatened time cantering was fun.

So begins the Wild Coast.  Stay tuned, hopefully the adventures will start showing up again at more regular intervals here!

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