Brief Interlude

Nothing to do with my travels specifically, but I thought this was really awesome and travel related so why not share?

In short, data for one 24 hour period showing the flight paths of all the planes in the world.  Absolutely mesmerizing- keep an eye out for all the planes arriving in Europe at dawn, the shift in direction at night on the trans-Atlantic route, the early morning flights from Hawaii to the mainland, and a million other details.  Just awesome.

3 responses to “Brief Interlude

  1. That is really awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This video is fantastic! Love it!

  3. That was really amazing! Thanks for sharing it. It is incredible seeing details like the high traffic within Europe and within United States, compared to the low traffic within Africa or South America.

    Not many flights going to or from Lesotho 😉

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