What to Do, What to Do…

Welcome sign my brother and sister made for me when I returned to US soil

Ten months ago I finished my round the world trip, and nine months ago I started graduate school in physics.  To the surprise of no one it turns out graduate school in physics is hard, in particular when it comes to having to pass your qualifier, so a lot of my creative impulses were kept at bay for awhile.  But then two weeks ago I passed my qualifier (YAY!), meaning I am now actually eligible for an advanced degree and feel like I have copious amounts of free time.  Which translates into not so much free time so much as not feeling guilty I’m not brushing up on equations of motion during the free time, but it’s an important distinction.

CWRU Physics: Crushing Souls since 1881

During this year three important things happened- I spent a lot of time thinking about what to do with this blog, I got a Macbook Pro with lots of built-in media editing capabilities, and I noticed that even when I’m supposed to be super-busy I’m still traveling!  Not as extensively of course, but I’ve quietly set my toe in 13 states and four countries while no one was looking (and Washington DC, I never know where to list that guy) and will likely set foot in my sixth continent before the year is out (hint).  So lots of content, which is encouraging because the “background noise” this blog gets is incredibly high considering how little I’ve been doing lately, and let’s not forget the literally thousands of pictures from all around the world that no one except me has ever seen.

So this is what I propose- during the next x days the blog will be restructured more to the liking of a general travel/geek blog instead of one focused on a specific trip.  As usual on blogs, I will write things relating to what I find interesting, and you will like it or surf elsewhere.  But to keep you guys interested I will be introducing a Photo of the Day feature so there will be something new every day, which I am proposing to do because I can set it up so it’s not that huge a hassle and I finally worked out how to make WordPress behave when it comes to my photos (not sure why a lot weren’t showing up for awhile but I think I’ve brought them all back! and they’re bigger now and you can click on them for the full photo!).  And we’ll see where we go from there.

As always, feedback is encouraged and appreciated.  Particularly if you have a suggestion on what sort of photos you want to see- my archives go back to include 30 countries on five continents and for now at least I’m having fun making them pretty and such for public consumption.  Cheers!

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