Photo: Ferris Bueller Reenactment

Taken May 31, 2008

Everyone who was a teenager in America since 1986 knows Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which beyond being an awesome movie involved a lot of shenanigans around the city of Chicago.  One of my favorite scenes from that movie is when Ferris and his friends visit the art museum, which is of course the Art Institute of Chicago and Cameron faces off with A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jette.  After admiring the famous painting for ourselves my brother and I couldn’t help but pay homage to one of our favorite movies.

6 responses to “Photo: Ferris Bueller Reenactment

  1. Has anyone besides me ever noticed that the shadow on this painting is in the foreground?

    • Ha, good catch! I checked a side view and it turns out Patrick was about a meter away from the painting and they have lights above on the ceiling pointing down.

      Ciao -Y

      • I think he was referring to the shadow on the painting itself, not whatever shadow you were referring to that’s in the photograph.

      • Bah. I meant *she

      • Yvette Cendes

        Hmm really? Looking at the painting and not really seeing a shadow- the edges are just naturally made dark per pointillism style, and I’m not seeing much shadow elsewhere.

  2. Yeah, I see what she means. Starting just below the woman’s posterior with the black umbrella, over two the two ladies, all the way up to the man with the top hat, then turning and going down to the gangsta with the baseball cap (who I never noticed before.) Maybe what is casting the shadow is a really large object such as a building or house?

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