Photo: Girl at Angkor Wat

This little girl was waiting for her mother to finish work and was much more interested in the orange slices than the crumbling history around her.

3 responses to “Photo: Girl at Angkor Wat

  1. Maybe because she grew up with it so she doesn’t know anything else. Unlike us who are surrounded by not ruined high-rises. She’ll our reaction when surrounded by tall buildings. I must admit I was in total awe standing in the middle of Angkor. It is an awesome place. I was glad that I didn’t grow up there otherwise the awesomeness would been lost by a seemingly mundane sceneries for a local.

    • Hi Chrys-

      Yea that was sort of what I was driving at here- especially at such a young age we just naturally tend to accept our surroundings as we see them and only realize what we have later on. I spend a lot of time imagining this while traveling actually- what it would be like to live all your life in a city like Tokyo assuming the rest of the world is a giant megalopolis, or a random spot in the Argentine countryside, or anywhere else really. 🙂


  2. Definitely – the history. Took me back to my very own history class in standard 10.
    I actually forgot the king’s name and had to google it – King Suryavarman the second.

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