Bear Island Post Office

In New Hampshire this week, so seemed like a good time to write this one up.  Pictures are from a hodgepodge of years, but not like the lake ever changes much.

I’ve mentioned this before, but the Mecca of my summertime is Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, right next door to where On Golden Pond was filmed.  A childhood of summers spent here might make me a touch biased, but I don’t know why someone would go anywhere else when the weather’s good!

The lake itself is the biggest in the NH Lakes Region and has several hundred islands but I’ll just introduce you to a favorite, which is arguably the most famous of the islands to the point where National Geographic wrote about it a few years ago.  As the biggest island not connected to the mainland it sports what has to be the most adorable little post office anywhere-

Every summer one of only two floating post offices in the United States, the Sophie C, comes here to deliver mail to the ~200-odd cottages on the island (I checked and the other one is based out of Detroit and gets mail to passing ships in the Great Lakes).  Cool!  But the funny thing to admit is even though I’ve passed it hundreds of times we’d never docked here until last Memorial Day because I wanted to find a geocache.  Good a reason as any right?

So it turns out if you hop onto the dock this is what you find in the back of the post office- normal enough, but please realize that it’s kinda cool to see after seeing the other side of a building for 15 years or so!  And it turns out inside the post office building itself is actually a little library of books and movies for people on the island to borrow which I had no idea- makes sense though, as I suspect summering on an island not accessible by car involves a lot less heading to town for an ice cream and more sitting around enjoying a book.  I suspect moving in/out would be seriously annoying though.

Anyway, I didn’t take pictures but the geocache near the post office is a pleasant half mile walk into the forest behind the P.O. on a series of trails we had no idea existed before.  It’s hidden in the old ruins of a hotel that we also had no idea had been there, but that’s the fun of geocaching!

Finally we got back to the boat, and took another picture to prove that we’d actually set foot on Bear Island-

Certainly something worth mentioning if you hang out on Winnipesaukee long enough.  And yes just enough goes on around here that visiting a post office counts as a feat, but isn’t that part of the appeal?

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