Climbing Red Hill, New Hampshire

The Hungarian side of my family was in New Hampshire this past week so I took off to visit with them, and when in New Hampshire it’s inevitable that one decides to climb one of the numerous peaks in the area (or, if you’re lazy, drive up the Mount Washington Auto Road). As we were in an enterprising mood one day we instead decided to climb Red Hill-

Before the trails in the White Mountains got developed this was one of the great hikes in New England- the likes of Thoreau and Emerson came here and praised the view from the top (you’ll see why in a second!). So up we go!

Pictures of hikes along the way aren’t particularly exciting- the best part is usually the top after all- but I’ll take this moment to say Red Hill is probably the biggest hill you’ll ever come across at 2029 feet.  But hey we got up in about an hour and got about seven geocaches along the way! (Or rather I did and others looked on with various levels of interest.)

Finally the top- hooray! Red Hill is sorta famous in the local area for the fire tower on top of it, but this was the first time at the end of the climb where there was no ranger inside and the top of the tower was shut. Budget cuts perhaps? Kind of a shame, he was a nice guy to talk to.

Finally what we’ve all been waiting for- the spectacular view!

First picture above is towards the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire (can’t remember what they all are but you can’t see Mount Washington from here due to a few peaks in between us and there), second is Lake Winnipesaukee which is the lake my family frequents, and the third is towards Squam Lake.  Squam Lake is probably the more famous as On Golden Pond was filmed there.Finally a view from the fire tower towards the ever-important picnic table, as whoever heard of going on a hike without a picnic? All in all a good day.

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