Photo: Niagara Falls

I’m in New York (City) this weekend so here’s a photo of one of the more famous landmarks in that state while I’m away- taken from the Canadian side, yes, but the land you’re looking at is in the USA! And the little boat you see here of course is the Maid of the Mist for scale.

I visit or pass through here about once a year as it’s a ~3 hour drive from Cleveland. The most recent was last fall, post Victoria Falls visit, so it was interesting to compare the two- in short I hate to admit it but Niagara Falls just isn’t that impressive anymore! I thought they were comparable in height when I was at Vic Falls but seeing Niagara afterwards made me notice how puny it was in actuality- you also stand a lot further from Niagara than Vic Falls (where you get so wet from the spray you resemble a wet rat towards the end) so that didn’t assist my perception.  But Niagara Falls is a lot closer to me than Victoria Falls, and only one of them has a Hershey store!

2 responses to “Photo: Niagara Falls

  1. If you want to look like a wet rat at Niagara, ride Maid of the Mist 😉

  2. I invite you the the Adirondacks, the best and most wonderful part of New York! The City is awesome yes, but this…this is wonderful!

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