Photo: Inside the US Capitol Dome

Taken December 12, 2009

When visiting my sister in Washington D.C. last year over the weekend we decided to have a touristy day during which we hit up the US Capitol Building.  I was last in here as a very young kid (we used to travel to D.C. every year) so this was my first time appreciating the incredible artwork inside.  This view is looking up from the rotunda- the fresco is called The Apotheosis of Washington, dates to 1865, and curiously shows George Washington becoming a god.  Huh…

This weekend I’ll be in Washington DC with the sister but this is my first time not just going to visit her and sightsee- yup, I’ve decided to get (a)political!  Specifically you’ve probably heard there’s a certain Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on Saturday, and I’ve wanted to see our nation’s jesters in action for some time now. (Mainly Colbert honestly- I tend to view Stewart’s show more as something I have on while waiting for the Colbert Report.) Obviously you should keep an eye on this spot for a post-event report, though there will probably be some on Twitter and Facebook tomorrow if you’re impatient.

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone!

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