Skiing in Telluride

Happy New Year!  My ~10 days in Telluride began with gorgeous weather and ended in a snowstorm and way-below-freezing temperatures- we rang in the new year with it being a balmy -5F (-21C) degrees outside, brrrr!- but there were some gorgeous days on the slopes as well that certainly deserve a mention.

One big happy family of skiers. We’ve been all over through the years but Telluride is evolving into our enduring favorite, and with views like this how could it not?

Slopes like this definitely are also a favorite.  This particular shot is taken from the bottom of Revelation Bowl- a key distinction because taking a picture from the bottom is proof you skied the super-steep black diamond to get down here (or, on the case of this particular day, twice).  I’m the sort of skier that is considered advanced out East but more selective out West (where I become more selective in my black diamond quests, and can’t recall attempting a double diamond), though I’m pleased to report that after the snow dumping just before our arrival I was probably better at moguls than I ever have been.

But anyway, to continue along the reasons I like Telluride.  It’s in the middle of a box canyon, and while I’m hard-pressed to think of a ski resort that doesn’t have good scenery some are definitely better than others-

Telluride is notoriously hard to get to (which is of course a good thing- no lift lines!) in the southwest corner of Colorado, and in this last picture above the mountains in the distance are just north of Moab, Utah, well over 100 miles away.  That little strip of an airport is the Telluride Regional airport and is the highest commercial airport in North America.  You can get notoriously bad weather though so most people fly in and out of Montrose, a small town two hours drive away with the tiniest airport you’ve ever seen.  Seriously, not much more than a ticket counter, a waiting room, a place to pick up your luggage, and I hope you’re ok walking out onto the tarmac because they don’t have any real gates.

Another view, this one from the top of the gondola at night looking down toward the town of Telluride below.  Telluride has the unique distinction of being a ski town that actually has decent public transportation- you don’t even need to rent a car as the free bus goes everywhere, and a free gondola connects it to the creatively-named Mountain Village a few miles away on the other side of the mountain.  It turns out commuting via gondola is seriously fun- well maybe not if you’re afraid of heights- and I even shared one once with an owner and her two dogs!  Though I’m not sure how I’d feel sharing a gondola cabin in the middle of the night on a hillside with a stranger…

Something else spotted in the town of Telluride that I happened to enjoy enough to share with you all- though it’s worth noting that two years ago Telluride was also the first town where I saw heated sidewalks and dogs dressed in little booties to protect their paws from the cold. (Because how did dogs survive millions of years without them?  It’s not like evolution took care of this and gave them pads on their feet and fur coats or anything.) Seriously though, if you ever find yourself in the area make sure you take a few hours at least to wander around Telluride.  It’s the most gorgeous mix of Wild-West-Meets-Hippies I’ve ever seen.

So that was my Colorado stint this year.  I’m currently in the middle of writing a Physics M.S. thesis so new adventures are now highly dependent on the writing and defending of it, but if all goes well I will be posting about a big adventure planned sooner instead of later.  Stay tuned!

3 responses to “Skiing in Telluride

  1. Hello Yvette,

    That sure is a good looking Sundae you posted on the “Vogels” page, boy you really get around. I’m going to have to have a look around your page.

    take care

    • Haha thanks! Yeah I believe ice cream is one of the greatest forms of bribery around- you know, for the small toddler in all of us. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been to Telluride in years but your photos make me want to go back. Got to love that Colorado weather, sunny one minute, blizzard the next.

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