Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nakuru is a tiny little national park in Kenya that took a half day to game drive.  Never saw any big cats here (though there’s the highest concentration of leopards here apparently) and part of the lack of animal spotting was due to a giant brushfire that had swept through a large part of the park a few months prior and unfortunately killed much of the wildlife.  But here is a short overview in light of it being a short game drive-

Flamingos in the lake- lots of birdlife in this park! There were a lot more flamingos, and even pink pelicans and storks and assorted other creatures, but this is my most “artsy” shot and hence the one you guys get to see. *wink*

The biggest safari moment for me however were the rhinoceroses- we saw eight of them in the park,  and many were very nearby just like in this shot!  The first thing you learn about safaris is you never see rhinos- they’re very rare due to poaching and are shy so they often keep away from the roads and all you see is a rock-like thing in the distance someone assures you is a rhino.  Seeing eight rhinos is already more than I’ve seen in all my years of safari-ing, so trust me when I say this is a big deal.

Neat little park, only a few hours drive from Nairobi.  Certainly worth a visit if you’re in the area.

One response to “Lake Nakuru, Kenya

  1. Love the photos too bad you didnt get to see many of the leopards because of the fire. Africa is a place i def want to visit soon may put Kenya a location to visit. Thanks for the post.

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