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On Astronomy and Improv

While waiting for my code to compile, a few notes…

The December 2011 issue of Astronomy is currently out at all major newsstands and bookstores, and you should check it out because my second article for them appears in it!  Specifically the article is “Visit Southern California’s Top Astronomy Sites” on p. 61, and is a sequel to my article in the July 2011 issue.  And I’d say more, but I’m currently busily writing my third article that is due next week (my first feature, on cosmic rays!) and 2,200 words don’t write themselves!

In other news, I’ve been taking an improv comedy course of late and my first set is this Friday, November 25!   In short it’s at the Crea at 11:30pm after the regular show and will last a half hour or so, and is FREE!  It should be a good time- there is also a “proper” show starting at 10:30pm, and that will cost you 5 Euro (and an 8:30pm show that runs an hour that’s 10 Euro, but you can see both for 12 Euro).  Details are here.

Mind this set is primarily practice for my class’s “real” Improv show that will be on Dec 9 at 10:30pm and run an hour, also at the Crea.  If you can only make one that will be the one to see- I’m not saying this Friday will be awful or anything, it’s just shorter and later obviously.  It’s 5 Euro to go to this show and reservations are recommended.

It should be super fun times, and I hope to see you all there!  And if you’ll excuse me, my code’s done running…

At A France vs USA Soccer Match

Now let me ask you this- can you think of a better way to celebrate 11/11/11, ie Armistice Day, then going to a France- USA soccer match?  Me neither! Continue reading

An Edinburgh Weekend

Because I am still quite the “you mean I can be in another country in an hour?!” shock that comes from living in Europe, last weekend I went to Edinburgh.  Now I’ve actually been to Edinburgh before and left the place rather smitten, so when I was thinking of going on a break someplace I knew and where they spoke English, it was a bit of a no-brainer when the airfare was cheap to boot.  It’s not like I’ve met a Dutchman who didn’t speak English, mind, it’s just incredibly novel to get on a bus and realize you can read all the signs after losing that ability two months prior! Continue reading