Photo: Map of Where I’ve Been

I hosted my birthday party earlier this weekend, and because my friends are awesome they knew just what to get me- a towel so I’ll always be a frood who knows where her towel is, a gift certificate to the outdoors shop, and a scratch map where you can scratch off where you’ve been like a lottery ticket.  I finally recovered enough from the merriment to tackle the map with a guitar pick (more precise than a coin), and the resulting picture above is a generally good idea of where I’ve been on planet Earth in my 26 years here.

My only comment (beyond thanks again guys!) is geez, nothing like the Mercator projection to make a girl consider traveling to Russia, Greenland, and Antarctica!  When that happens, I’ll be sure to take the towel.

6 responses to “Photo: Map of Where I’ve Been

  1. Yep. It’s going to be a lot of work to get that whole map scratched off. Good luck :p

  2. And Belated-Happy Birthday

    • Thanks! Yeah, nothing like an awful map projection to make a girl feel like she hasn’t traveled a lot. 😉 Oh and if you were wondering, I signed up for Improv class again after all YAY!

  3. circusoflife from bootsnall

    interesting way to show where one has traveled — by coloring a physical map! Easy to forget things we can do by hand when we are so used to the “digital way”…your BnA profile says you are 22, or is that your age when you signed up for BnA? Anyway, you are well traveled for either age!

    Andromeda rings a bell because when I used to work in software development I was in charge of a development server (With all the source code) that had 4 Intel processors in it (1998!)..I named it Andromeda. So I have associated Andromeda as “male” – to my surprise you are female! Heheheh…

    • Thanks! Though I must assure you that Andromeda is very definitely a girl name if you check your mythology- though I like the name more for the astronomy side of things of course. 😀

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