Monthly Archives: June 2012

Artie Aardvark Observes Oxford

Once again we turn to the lovely Artie Aardvark for his observations, this time for the LOFAR TKP meeting that took place in Oxford earlier this month. Take it away, Artie!

I was very excited to visit Oxford ever since I first heard that there was going to be a meeting here about transient observations using LOFAR! Oxford is a very special, very old place, and the university has been here since the 12th century. While in Oxford I even got to stay at one of the old colleges where students still study and live today, called Keble College. It was very pretty! Continue reading

A Weekend in the Cotswolds

I was in the UK for a meeting last week in Oxford, and in my world that translates into “what’s nearby for a weekend trip?” The Cotswolds were the obvious choice- the area filled with lovely rolling hills and tiny villages just west of Oxford- so my fellow astronomer-in-crime Jess and I rented a car to go out and explore. We were actually quite lucky with the weather- it didn’t rain buckets until the last day, and there were even times of blue sky- so lots of rambling (hiking to the American lot), exploring picturesque villages, and making various bets on the Euro Cup matches playing in the tiny village pub ensued. All in all a great place to spend a weekend, and certainly a picturesque one!