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In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene

Earlier this month I happened to spot and snag cheap budget ticket for a long weekend in Verona.  I’d never been to Verona before, but love Italy and knew it would be warmer there than Amsterdam, and honestly I’ve been to stranger places for less reason so why not go?

Anyway, it turns out if you’re interested in spending a nice weekend somewhere you will be hard-pressed to beat Verona-

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Photo: The Coolest Street Act Ever

I was in Italy for a long weekend this past weekend, but until I get around to the lovely pictures of architecture and what not I thought I’d post a photo of a super neat street act I spotted in Verona.  Now over the years I’ve seen a lot of acts to the point where yet another Darth Vader or street statue doesn’t get a second glance, but I loved this one as I’d never seen anything like it.  Took a few minutes to work out the trick too- I’ll put the answer under the fold for those who want to figure it out on their own… Continue reading

My Dutch Television Debut… With David Sedaris

In a curious quirk of fate, I happened to hear and get tickets to a filming of a Dutch television show called College Tour.  It’s quite a fun program where they get a bunch of college students together to ask a famous person (Desmond Tutu to Susan Sarandon to the guy who kidnapped the heir to the Heinekin fortune) pretty much anything under the sun… and the show I got tickets to involved the American comedian David Sedaris!

Edit: embedding does not seem to work well with the Dutch news site, so the link to the video is here.

Naturally I had to ask a question if I was already sitting there, and you can see it at around 19:50 in the show itself.  Note that this is a Dutch television show that airs on Friday nights so while my part is ok the entire show not exactly safe for work- for example, at one point they have him read from 50 Shades of Grey

All told my Dutch television debut was also interesting just because it was also a simple introduction to the world of TV editing- my question went as far as the segue into American politics and that part came afterwards, yet I’m still mysteriously shown as standing and nodding the whole time!  So that was interesting in itself, but all in all quite an enjoyable experience and I don’t think I embarrassed myself too badly on Dutch national television debut.

A Day Trip to Delft

One of the nice things about living in the Netherlands is there are so many lovely little places to visit for the day if you’re bored and up for some exploring. (Of course seeing as you’re hard-pressed to remain in the country after 2 hours journey from Amsterdam, virtually the entire country is a day trip by American standards!) I have a list of various places I’m determined to see in the area, and next up on the list was Delft which is about an hour’s journey by train from Amsterdam. Continue reading