A Day Trip to Delft

One of the nice things about living in the Netherlands is there are so many lovely little places to visit for the day if you’re bored and up for some exploring. (Of course seeing as you’re hard-pressed to remain in the country after 2 hours journey from Amsterdam, virtually the entire country is a day trip by American standards!) I have a list of various places I’m determined to see in the area, and next up on the list was Delft which is about an hour’s journey by train from Amsterdam.

Now the thing to mention about Delft is it is a truly lovely student town, and definitely worth a visit.  The second thing to mention though is it’s a small town, so it’s perfect if you’re like me and day trips don’t seem to start much before noon but you’d like to be back home by dinner.  But hey what a lovely few hours that is, admiring old buildings and sampling cheese and even sneaking in a canal boat tour…

Now before you ask I did admire several pieces of Delftware, but I didn’t get any.  It’s nice but gives the air of being in a grandparent’s parlor, and I reckoned if I was buying something that was appropriate for my grandparent’s generation I’d go for something like this-

All told, a very nice little trip indeed.  Tot ziens!

6 responses to “A Day Trip to Delft

  1. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve taken my parents to Delft. They love the place.

    • Yeah it’s quite nice, will prolly have to take my own set of folks next time they visit. Hoping they buy me a pair of ice skates. 😛

  2. The town hall looks so cute! The buildings look like they are out of a fairy tale!

    • Yeah there were actually a lot more glorious buildings but there were many trees in the way so not as good for shots. My favorite btw was one that didn’t have a door in front, just windows, because then you paid lower taxes or some such. 🙂

  3. If utrecht is a quite city, Delft is Utrecht on slow motion! I really love it and I do feel a great difference with Amsterdam, where everything is incredibly chaotic!

    I’m also writing a blog, about Amsterdam hidden gems, are you in for a link exchange? My blog is http://www.inAmsterdam.com


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