In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene

Earlier this month I happened to spot and snag cheap budget ticket for a long weekend in Verona.  I’d never been to Verona before, but love Italy and knew it would be warmer there than Amsterdam, and honestly I’ve been to stranger places for less reason so why not go?

Anyway, it turns out if you’re interested in spending a nice weekend somewhere you will be hard-pressed to beat Verona-

Verona is one of those cities that is lovely for wandering around and seeing what you come across with the quiet assurance that what you find will be spectacular.  There is the added bonus that unlike more famous spots in Italy there are relatively few tourists here- excepting of course the balcony the local government deemed as Juliet’s, which is crowded with tour groups stopping for an hour on their way from Florence to Venice- and fewer still in October.  I think the biggest crowd I saw the entire weekend was an anti-government demonstration that showed up on the main square Friday morning while I was eating breakfast.

But anyway, while you have the place to yourself, there are lovely courtyards to stumble across…

And views over the river to admire…

And a lot of Roman ruins to see!  Verona has the most Roman ruins out of any city in Italy besides Rome, the most famous of which is the still-intact Roman Arena-

These days the stadium is used for concerts and operas but unfortunately there were none going on while I was there.  I did however see two workers who were striking the stage break out into a fight while I was sitting in the stands, so I suppose I got a taste of what those gladiatorial games used to be like…

All in all, a very good choice for a weekend!

3 responses to “In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene

  1. Oooh. Looks rather lovely.

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