Photo: Double Arch, Arches National Park


Continuing a series about the various arches in Arches National Park, Utah…

Double Arch ended up being one of my favorite arches for the simple reason that unlike many of the other ones it was very easy to climb into and was an amazing place to clamber around (once again, look carefully for people in the picture to scale).  In fact I later learned that this is where they filmed the opening scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Cruscade– the one where the Boy Scouts are wandering around- and even though the cave in the movie isn’t here it certainly has that adventurous feel to it!  Great view too…


The other interesting thing to note here if you’re a geek like me is Double Arch was formed differently than most of the other arches in the park, which were primarily created through wind and water erosion from fins of sandstone.  Instead these are what are called “pothole arches,” where a basin near a cliff face gets eroded away from the water captured within it.  Which is very clearly something you can imagine after looking at the first picture.  Go science!

3 responses to “Photo: Double Arch, Arches National Park

  1. Is that snow?! In my naivety, I always imagined these scenes being accompanied by sweltering heat. Nice geological info by the way!

    • Yes, very definitely snow! While it can get well over 100F in the summertime it snows in the winter- would get down to ~10F at night due to the desert, and then be a few degrees above freezing in the day. Hey if you’ve already got your ski jacket and the like no worries eh. 🙂

      • Wow! Guess I’ll put my snow jacket in my backpack next time I head to the desert. Here’s a good question: What’s the largest desert in the world?

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