Inside the Palace of Catalan Music


I’m normally not an architecture person when I travel.  What I mean by this is when I think of places I want to go I do like picturesque places or buildings loaded with history, but I don’t think I’ve ever deliberately traveled somewhere because someone told me the architecture was stunning or spent much time at all considering it.

So when I tell you Patrick and I decided to go on a tour of the Palace of Catalan Music and it was stunning you know it must have made quite an impression!  Built just over a hundred years ago, the entire style is supposed to invoke a garden.  Stained glass windows flood the place with light during the day and there are little details everywhere your eye looks from little flowers to statues showing the Flight of the Valkyries to musicians on the walls, each different and there to inspire the musicians-



Patrick: Why don’t you put me in your blog?  You know I’m a ratings bonanza!
Me: Ok, go stand by that statue and give everyone a sense of scale.

So he did.


There were tons of details all over the place, but my favorite was definitely the stained glass skylight in the center of the concert hall.  It’s supposed to look like a drop of sunlight in the middle of the blue sky, but as you can see here there are so many details that you can’t help but stare trying to take them all in.

So hey, this was architecturally a very lovely building!  I’m not saying this is a sort of style that you’d want in your living room, but in the middle of a concert hall where your mind and eyes tend to wander it is quite remarkable.

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