The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

IMG_0641Despite the implications on its location that the name otherwise suggests, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is actually in a small fishing town a 40 minute train ride from Copenhagen.  I’m usually not a huge modern art fan but enough people raved to me about this museum that I decided to check it out.

Frankly I’m glad I did as it was a museum filled with good modern art that has pieces which take advantage of the modern age to make interesting things.  Yay!  My two favorites there-






An artist who used simple everyday materials (plastic straws, toothpicks, etc) to make giant, fascinating structures.  The poufs in the above were made from folding sheets of shiny mylar…IMG_0653Oh my God, it’s full of stars!!!

IMG_0652Another view of the crazy room of lights and mirrors- the lights would change color every few seconds, and was truly lovely…

All in all, I realized another reason I quite enjoyed this museum was because Europe does a lot of things well, but modern art and architecture is not typically what I think of when I think of what the continent does well (one only needs to walk around the concrete box cities built after the war to see what I mean).  I on the other hand come from a country where we have modern architecture as the standard, and while I love living in a neighborhood older than my home country and all that it’s still really nice to surround yourself with something a little different every once in awhile.

Like, you know, giant mylar poufs or blinking lights as far of the eye can see.  Trust me, it was a great change of pace!



3 responses to “The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

  1. Wow. This is an amazing place! It is crazy to look at your pics, Yvette. Can imagine how crazy is a real experience!

    • Yvette Cendes

      Thanks! It was really cool- and was a great stop as it was one of those “not sure if I would’ve gone except everyone was telling me to go” type places. Glad I listened. 🙂

  2. simply amazing i must go some day !

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