Photo: View of Mount Washington

Mount WashingtonThis is the view from the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, where two things of note have happened in my opinion: the IMF was founded in the Bretton Woods conference here in 1944, and my sister got married here last week.

Which explains the silence here: the wedding was such a lovely and wonderful affair that it took a week to recover from.

That said, a bit more to come in a bit on exploring the White Mountains in New Hampshire since the wedding!  The mountains seen in the range here by the way are the Presidentials, named such since they are all named after former US Presidents, with the highest peak of the bunch being Mount Washington.  You can drive up it and gawk at the house tied down with iron chains where in April 1934 observers recorded what was the fastest wind gust in the world for many decades.  Lots of odd bits of history pop up in New Hampshire, but it makes for a lovely background to say wedding vows.


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