Cruising Croatia

stari_grad_hvarThere are some places in the world that are so very awesome that years after the fact you have no choice but return to them.  For me, the Dalmatian coast of Croatia is one of these places: I first came here four years ago as part of my six month jaunt around the world, but it was in April and being the off season it rained a lot, very few of the ferry services were running so it was hard to get around to the islands, and there were so few other travelers in the Balkans that it got a little lonely.  So I left with the understanding that I would someday return in order to do one of the Split to Dubrovnik boat trips popular with the younger crowd in the country, both to revisit the places I loved and to see some new ones along the way.  And since my brother Patrick is moving back to the USA this fall after two years of steadily meeting up often to work on our “things to do in Europe” checklists, checking off the last big one of cruising Croatia together seemed like the way to go!IMG_1060

Everyone always asks how Patrick and I travel so well once they learn we’re twins. Our response is always we shared a womb for nine months, so shouldn’t it be easy after that?

Now to get this straight, I am not normally a cruise-type person: I went on one once with my parents and was forever frustrated by all the group organization and the fact that you’d be in an amazing place for only a few hours you’d normally spend a week exploring.  But it turns out the main reasons I didn’t like that earlier cruise don’t really apply in Croatia: the distances are so short that one is likely not doing more than a few hours of boating a day (complete with a lovely swim stop- Patrick and I bought a cheap snorkel mask, which was the best investment ever!), and each location is small enough that after an afternoon and evening of looking around we felt that we’d seen most of what it had to offer since they were primarily small places.  Add in the unreal blue of the Adriatic and the fresh seafood and stunning coastline and, well, it was a truly lovely week!

(By the way, it should be noted that unlike the last time I was in Croatia when most visitors to the area were of nearby eastern European countries, these days the majority seemed to be Australian.  This tells me Croatia is on the cusp of becoming a major holiday destination for the rest of the Western world, as Aussies always seem to pave the way on mass tourism to “exotic” destinations.)

So now that I’m back home, be prepared for a flurry of short Croatia posts as I’ve realized those are much more likely to get done than a mammoth “My Week In Croatia” one.  Plus hey, it turns out I’m a sucker for taking pictures of cool boats and the coastline, and what else am I going to do with them?





2 responses to “Cruising Croatia

  1. I got a kick out of that nice picture of you and your former womb mate. You never told me you are half a twin.
    Sam, NV8L

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