Photo: Split, Croatia Old Town

split_old_townSplit is the sort of place that’s fascinating to visit as there are few places on the planet where the unintended consequences of your actions are so heavily on display.  It was first built as the retirement palace for the Roman emperor Diocletian in the 4th century A.D.- the emperor who split things up into an eastern and western empire, another action that has reverberated through the centuries- but in the centuries since the locals have converted the remains of the palace into a city.  The result is a unique rabbit’s warren of narrow alleys and jumbles of houses and shops, which you wander aimlessly and keep running into random things like an artist’s gallery or a dentist.  It is magnificent.

If one photo isn’t enough by the way, here is the post from when I first visited Split four years ago.  As you can imagine, it’s the sort of place you’re very happy to explore all over again!


2 responses to “Photo: Split, Croatia Old Town

  1. Salut Yvette, i love this place too. I went there twice… once while sailing on a boat! It was georgeous. Those days i am in bangladesh with a niece, the famous touristic place as everyone knows… 😉 to assess a business concept i have been thinking of. Great time there as well! Bise, Remi

    Verzonden vanaf Samsung-tabletWhere is Yvette? schreef:

    • Hi Remi-

      Well we were on a boat too, so you’ll probably be noticing a fair number of pictures for a little while! 🙂

      Bangladesh sounds crazy (though believe it or not I do know people who went there as tourists…). Good luck down there, I hope to hear all about it soon in person!

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