Lovely Little Korcula

Korcula is one of those magical places in the world you never hear of because it keeps getting usurped by its big brother right next door, Dubrovnik.  Both are walled cities built in Venitian style on a point beside the sea, but Korcula is just so much smaller and harder to get to since it’s on an island that far fewer people visit it.

Korcula is certainly worth a day though.  An outpost of the Venitian Republic, there are Venitian lions all over town and even a (much smaller) St. Mark’s church.  The locals even claim Marco Polo- the most famous Venitian traveler of them all- was born in the city walls, and will happily take your money should you wish to visit his alleged house.  No real proof of this, of course, but why let that get in the way of having a famous hometown hero?

Best part of Korcula though?  There is actually a cocktail bar in the turret you see in the above picture if you look closely- you need to climb up a ladder to reach the top and the drinks you order arrive via pulley system.  Perhaps the best place on the Adriatic for a sunset drink…

korcula-sunsetProbably best to not lean too far back though.  You see this is a real turret built to protect the town from siege years ago, and this being Croatia there is nothing to save you from falling into the sea through the old murder holes

IMG_0997Yeah, this will end well, I can tell!

Anyway, I rather liked Korcula and it is definite proof to me that if sailing in Croatia one should definitely head southward from Split instead of northward from Dubrovnik.  Because it really is a nice little town, but I think I would’ve been underwhelmed had I visited its big brother first!



2 responses to “Lovely Little Korcula

  1. iputmylifeonashelf

    Korcula is definitely on my list. I know Dubrovnik is the big MUST DO but I really like the smaller places better. Also, how can one know that there is drink service via a pulley and not want to go support that great invention??

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