Photo: Dubrovnik City Walls, Then and Now


August 2, 2013

April 28, 2009

You know you’ve led a good life when, while looking up your blog post from the last time you were in Dubrovnik you happen to notice one of the photos looks awfully familiar.  And realize some things may change, but the photogenic spots that you want to stand in front of while someone snaps a picture of you apparently do not! (And, in my case, apparently my hairstyle doesn’t change much either.)

Dubrovnik is actually pretty much the same now as it was then except for two things: there are a lot more people (of course), and the cable car which was still bombed in 2009 is now up and running.  The latter is great because it used to be a hassle to go up- you needed to find someone to drive you or walk the steep path still littered with debris from the Siege of Dubrovnik in the early 90s- but now it’s pretty painless to go up and enjoy the view-


(Seriously, the second thing that’s noticeably changed in four years is photo quality- first picture is an iPhone shot, second is a point-and-shoot, third is also a point-and-shoot just a much newer one.)

One difference we didn’t see by the way is there are no Game of Thrones references anywhere yet in town- Dubrovnik is the town of King’s Landing in the series, and considering the series’ popularity one would expect there to be GoT tours and paraphernalia in the gift shops etc (not like we’d have gone on such a tour, just I’ve seen what happened to New Zealand after Lord of the Rings for example).  Seriously, not even a single copy of GoT in the tourist book shop!  But something tells me this new channel for tourist revenue won’t be unexploited much longer…


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  1. You did not change either! Or maybe that you are even more feminine! 😉

    Verzonden vanaf Samsung-tabletWhere is Yvette? schreef:

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