My Boring and Tragic Life Continues

IMG_1225The view from the hostel-more-like-a-hotel terrace on the lovely island of Ios, Greece where I am spending the weekend.  And from which I am now writing this, but the blue has been replaced by black and twinkling lights from stars above and houses below.

I am here because I just spent a week at an astronomy conference in Santorini- an amazing island I briefly visited before, so a week there was excellent- and while it was an amazing week during which I learned a lot and met many wonderful people it was also a fairly intense.  Let’s just say I have earned a weekend by the pool and a lack of discussion of spectral variation and confusion limits over the sunset cocktail.

The good news is as this was an astronomy conference Artie Aardvark tagged along to explore, so while typing unfortunately takes him longer (what with lacking digits) he will have a dispatch from Santorini soon!  Stay tuned…


2 responses to “My Boring and Tragic Life Continues

  1. Is “sunset cocktail” an astronomical term?;-)

    • Haha no- we’re just normal folks at the end of the day is all. Though I always thought it was funny that we still say “sunset” when we’ve known for hundreds of years that it’s us rather than the sun going anywhere. 😉

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