Ketchikan, Alaska

When you wake up with a view like this you know it’s going to be a good day!


The first part of this Alaska adventure is a little different than the second- somehow when I decided to head to Alaska my parents and I arranged to meet and do “the cruise ship thing” for a week in southeast Alaska. It’s certainly not my thing, but surprisingly practical to visit communities cut off from the mainland and only accessible via air or the occasionally very long ferries.
So anyway, the first trip when heading north (after a day at sea) just across the British Columbia border is Ketchikan, where normally it rains an absurd amount a year (12 feet!) but we happened to be in the lucky 5% where the weather was beautiful.

I can never go back to Ketchikan- weather-wise it would be a disappointment.
Anyway, Ketchikan is as you would imagine a nice little Alaskan town to be, complete with many more things for tourists to lean against thanks to all the totem poles-

And a nice old boardwalk along a creek, Creek Street, filled with MASSIVE salmon fighting the current upwards to spawn-


All told, a great place to wander around and accomplish the two things I want to do to ensure I’ve “been” somewhere- find a geocache and have a local beer. Welcome to Alaska!

Up next, the other thing we did in Ketchikan- an adventure out to Misty Fjords National Monument, which wasn’t misty but was spectacular…

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