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Pokhara Paragliding

Paragliding is a surprisingly popular thing to do in Pokhara, partly because the nearby Himalayas give the area a constant light wind and partly also because if you make it to this corner of the world odds are you’re the adventurous type who’d give it a go.  And since I’ve done far crazier things in my life, signing up for a half hour of paragliding sounded like fun! Continue reading

Poking around Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is about 70 miles as the crow flies or about eight hour as the bus goes from Kathmandu, which tells you an awful lot about both how hilly Nepal is and the quality of the roads. It’s the start of a lot of various adventure activities in the region from treks to rafting trips, meaning there’s a fair amount of marks of tourism around… Continue reading

Whitewater Kayaking the Seti River

It’s rather impossible to come to Nepal and not engage in some sort of crazy adventurous outdoor activity, and after some consultation with the weather and my mood I decided to go for whitewater kayaking school instead of trekking. The pre-monsoon weather showed up early in Nepal this year, and frankly to me the thought of hiking up steps for 4 hours combined with minimal views and potentially doing it in the rain was just not appealing.
Plus hey, I’d tried whitewater kayaking before so knew I’d like it and that I’d be wet all day anyway, so monsoon season didn’t matter. And so we set out to master the Seti River, whose hardest thing now is not writing it in all caps a la the alien searchers… Continue reading

Noticing the Differences in Nepal

I’ve been in Nepal a few weeks now, but before I get into what I’ve been up to specifically I wanted to do a quick little mention of a few things I’ve found different when compared to home. This is because my brother Patrick flew home to the United States from Kathmandu two weeks ago and one of his first messages back to me was something on the lines of “it’s really weird to finally be able to drink tap water and throw toilet paper in the toilet!”

Indeed- and for those who have never been in this corner of the world, often plumbing is too delicate for paper in Asia so it goes in a wastepaper basket instead. Oh, and in Tibet the toilet paper was sans hole in the middle so you’d get more product- see what I mean? Clearly I need to point out a few things that are normal over here but are strange back home before I forget… Continue reading

Mount Everest Base Camp

When I was about eight years old my favorite book in the entire world was a book about the first summit of Mount Everest by Hillary and Tenzing. My mother has commented since that she never should have bought me that book because just look at what crazy places I’ve since ended up to worry her, but to be honest I’ve never thought I’d make it here. Everest is like the moon, a place so far away one can dream about but there are too many obstacles when it comes to getting there.

That said, I’m pleased to report that getting to Everest Base Camp is something you actually can do in a lifetime!  Here’s how it unfolded-

Continue reading

Scenes from the Tibetan Countryside

Driving south from Lhasa, it is no question that Tibet is devastatingly pretty. It’s also very empty particularly coming from China where everything was crowded together, and there’s a definite frontier feel to the whole place.
Plus, of course, some very lovely scenic spots to check out! Continue reading

Lhazing around Lhasa

Posted from Kathmandu, Nepal- yep, made it to Everest, more later!

Let me make one thing clear: despite being a part of China for over 50 years and having 8 Chinese to every Tibetan and having Chinese writing placed in greater prominence to the Tibetan signs, Lhasa does not feel like a Chinese city at all. Chinese army men on every street corner holding AK-47s and smoke bombs and who knows what else may also have something to do with this disturbing illusion, because this is a common sight in places with no civil unrest right? Continue reading