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Well, I’m Off

1) I am now a Master of Science.  Physics actually.  It sounds way cooler than “Doctor Cendes” ever will to be honest, but there we are.

2) Tomorrow I fly to Zanzibar and begin the journey.  The flight actually leaves in seven hours so it’s probably high time I get to bed for a few hours of shuteye, as Pittsburgh-Washington Dulles- Addis Adaba- Zanzibar is going to be one hell of a 24 hour commute.

3) I’m still online because while my bag is packed I’m still doing what can only be called “electronic packing,” ie getting music onto the iPod and movies onto the 16GB memory stick.  Unlike last time I am now ditching the paper books in favor of the Kindle, but that electronic packing can happen anywhere.

4) People always ask if I’m nervous and the answer is before a trip like this of course you are a little, you’re traveling to Africa so how could you not be?  But it’s one thing to be nervous and prepared and another to be terrified and that’s what this is, nervous a la right before a violin concert starts.  I know in the end I’m prepared so it’ll all work out, and a touch of nerves are healthy in making sure I’m properly prepared is all.

Ok, movies seem to be transferred well.  Catch you guys on the flipside!

My Next Adventure

One month from now I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to be.  Whatever I don’t sell or give away will collect dust in my parents’ basement in Pittsburgh, my paperwork will be submitted for my Physics M.S., and I will be subscribing again to the philosophy that I have the rest of my life to be boring.  Yes, it’s time for the next adventure. Continue reading