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On my 1,000th Geocache

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A little over four years ago, while killing time before class in my M.Sc. days in Cleveland, I was looking around for new apps for my iPhone and remembered a thing I’d heard about called geocaching.  It was the idea that a person would hide a box somewhere (the geocache) and upload the GPS coordinates to the Internet, and then other people would find them in a bit of a scavenger hunt.  It was an idea that I found interesting when I first heard of it in college, but a GPS was too pricey for me as a student (and I had no car, making me a lot less mobile) so I promptly forgot about it.  But a search that day revealed that in the smartphone era one could go geocaching via a smartphone’s GPS, and there was even a free app, and hey there are a lot of these things around Cleveland!

I promptly went out that weekend to start finding a few of these things and the rest is history, as it turns out geocaching is a great thing to do when searching for an adventure.  The thrill of the hunt aside (and occasional swag to trade), they tend to be hidden in interesting locations that someone wants to bring you to, so a little research before traveling to an area on popular geocaches there rarely disappoints.  So far geocaching has taken me to extraordinary viewpoints from Italy to Tanzania…


Re Teodorico, Verona and NgoroNgoro- A Big African Caldera Continue reading

Skiing in Telluride

Happy New Year!  My ~10 days in Telluride began with gorgeous weather and ended in a snowstorm and way-below-freezing temperatures- we rang in the new year with it being a balmy -5F (-21C) degrees outside, brrrr!- but there were some gorgeous days on the slopes as well that certainly deserve a mention. Continue reading

Christmas Photo: Telluride, CO

Taken December 27, 2008

It’s rather inconsiderate of time to keep slogging on when I had one or two things to say about Argentina, but the season is upon us so it will have to wait.  So because I expect to be spending a few days doing fun-filled family things and skiing my share of slopes here is a picture of where I plan to be doing it: Telluride, Colorado.

It’s been a good year: travel-wise I’ve explored five countries on three continents, writing-wise I’ve sold some stuff to actual publications, academic-wise I passed my qualifier and have pretty much completed my M.S. thesis research. (Like any year there were some not-so-hot moments too, but I don’t know why I’d discuss them on the Internet so let’s just be assured that I got through them and the good won out overall.) And next year is shaping up to have more than a few things to look forward to!

Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday, and I’ll catch you all in a few days.