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On the Lives I Left Behind


Fun in the Florida sun aside, the real reason I went to the USA last week was for my sister’s bachelorette party in Washington DC.  She’s getting married this summer, and used to live there many years, so 14 ladies enjoying a night on the town was the inevitable idea.

It all went well- a lovely time was had by all, although the cherry trees are slightly late this year we found one to take the above picture under (sis is in middle, one of her friends on the left), and I more than doubled my NPS stamp collection with all the monuments and memorials in town.  However there was one feeling in me that was very strong and always becomes a bit more noticeable each time I return to the US these days: the feeling that you are staring into the face of the lives you could have lived.

I suspect this is not a unique feeling to the average expatriate, and it doesn’t mean I am not proud of the life I forged abroad.  But Washington DC is a wonderful city with a culture that I understand intimately well- baseball! brunch! IPAs!- and it’s one thing to step off the treadmill and reject where you live and another thing to come back to visit and realize everything is still going on at home without you.  And much as I think it must be great to live there and am jealous for my sister that she did, I will never live in Washington DC in my 20s because I am busy working on my doctorate a hair before I turn thirty (the Dutch system dictates I get four years of funding, so my contract states I will finish September 2015).  I know everyone’s reaction is to say you can always live there later, and that’s true, but you always have places affect you differently based on the stage of life for when you’re living there.  Just like how my now-retired parents love Florida but I can’t understand its real appeal at 27, or how I want to return to New Zealand and reflect on what it was like during my first solo adventures there, or a myriad of other places you revisit and realize they might have not changed much but you certainly did.

Once again, I love Amsterdam and I love what I’m doing with my life, but I am a woman forever plagued by the lives I chose not to live.  Usually when I vocalize this people laugh- don’t I realize I’ve done more already than most people ever manage?- which always strikes me as odd because I don’t mind what other people do, I care about what I do.  And my life happens to be ordered in “what would you regret most if you never did it?” priority levels, plus a firm belief in how you cannot waste unique skills and situations when you have them, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some regrets for the paths you never chose.

(At this point someone will point out I am still 27, so there is time enough to do many interesting things.  While true in many ways at this point I will counter that you lack imagination, as I once worked out the time commitments for all the things I want to do and it was several lifetimes without factoring in any serendipity.)

I’m sure everyone feels pangs like this on occasion as part of the human condition, and the only people who leave life without regrets must have been very dull ones, so I will stop philosophizing now on it.  But I do think such a perspective on the choices you’ve made versus the ones you didn’t are much more acute when you leave your comfort zone for the big world beyond, and return to glimpse into the parallel universe of the lives you left behind.

Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum

When I was in the USA last month I spent a week in the Washington DC/ Virginia area, and when I do so I can’t resist a visit to the National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall to visit “old friends”- the Apollo 11 capsule, The Spirit of St. Louis, the moon rock you can touch… you get the idea.  The National Air and Space Museum is the most visited museum after the Louvre in Paris, and the fact that surprisingly little of the primary exhibits has changed since it opened in the 1970s is both endearing and depressing when you realize there’s been no reason to update the Apollo-era exhibits because we last went to the moon in the 1970s.  But that’s a space geek rant for later… Continue reading

Scenes from the Rally for Sanity

Looking back on things, I will not be surprised if someday the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear becomes a bit of a generational Woodstock.  There were a lot of people (200-250k depending on who you ask), a lot of good bands played, and everyone was there to have fun.  But because in the 21st century the rallying cry is probably more one of “man, if you didn’t blog about it you weren’t really there!” it’s probably time for me to give a summary of what we saw!

(By the way, my sign’s slogan was picked up by the BBC and said picture above of my sister Linda and I also got onto the Huffington Post. Unfortunately the pic is in a 500-picture slideshow with no permanent links, so unless you have way too much free time you just have to trust me it’s in there!) Continue reading

Photo: Inside the US Capitol Dome

Taken December 12, 2009

When visiting my sister in Washington D.C. last year over the weekend we decided to have a touristy day during which we hit up the US Capitol Building.  I was last in here as a very young kid (we used to travel to D.C. every year) so this was my first time appreciating the incredible artwork inside.  This view is looking up from the rotunda- the fresco is called The Apotheosis of Washington, dates to 1865, and curiously shows George Washington becoming a god.  Huh…

This weekend I’ll be in Washington DC with the sister but this is my first time not just going to visit her and sightsee- yup, I’ve decided to get (a)political!  Specifically you’ve probably heard there’s a certain Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on Saturday, and I’ve wanted to see our nation’s jesters in action for some time now. (Mainly Colbert honestly- I tend to view Stewart’s show more as something I have on while waiting for the Colbert Report.) Obviously you should keep an eye on this spot for a post-event report, though there will probably be some on Twitter and Facebook tomorrow if you’re impatient.

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone!