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2011: A Year in Review

When I think back on 2011 it will undoubtedly go down as the year where I did more in 12 months than most people do in a lifetime.  If I didn’t personally already defend a thesis, become a published author, move to a different country, and explore 20 countries on 4 continents along the way I would accuse myself of lying because I’m tired just thinking about it.  But I apparently did because I lived through all of it! Continue reading

Hong Kong Wanderings

Bad news: we’ve been in China for about two weeks now but last week my camera became missing and by now presumed stolen… with all my pictures from the week spent in Hong Kong still on it. This had just about as great an effect on my mood that you’d expect particularly as I liked Hong Kong as it was so photogenic- I always thought Chicago was the best city in the world for skyscrapers but no, it turns out Hong Kong wins by a mile. Particularly at night when all the buildings light up, you’ve never seen as beautiful a modern wonder as the Hong Kong skyline… Continue reading