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Photo of the Day: Cook Islands

Taken April 19, 2007

For Zee (and SFC!), who just recently commented that I oughta post something about sailing the Pacific or Caribbean Islands.  I wasn’t sailing when I took this picture but as close as I could accommodate! (And fyi I still think your plans for sailing sound awesome and I’d love to join if there’s room *wink*)

I was lucky enough to visit the Cook Islands during my semester abroad in New Zealand as part of my program, which I wrote a bit about here.  I’ve never been to Hawaii but it’s roughly the same latitude south from the equator as Hawaii is North, and is what I hear Hawaii was like 50 years ago… Fascinating culture, and this mural was near their branch of the University of the South Pacific where we went to listen to a few lectures to make our trip seem legit- such a beautiful piece of artwork for such a remote place.