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Abu Dhabi That’s Where You’ll Go…

My sister and I have this never-ending argument as to whether you can count having been somewhere if you’ve only been to the airport. I am of the opinion that if you were being tracked by the C.I.A. the agent would shout “she’s at the Dallas airport!” rather than “she’s in a nonexistent location!” so it counts as I assume the C.I.A. agent knows how to classify locations better than me, but my sister tells me things don’t count unless you actually set foot on the soil and breathe the air of the location. Hence airports don’t count and I’ve never even been to Delaware, apparently, because I never got out of the car the couple times I’ve driven across it.

So I know, without a doubt, she will be upset at me talking about my few hours layover at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on my way to Europe. Which I was very excited about, of course, due to the Abu Dhabi song-

For those not lucky enough to watch Saturday morning cartoons in the early nineties, the best one was Garfield and Friends. He was forever sending Nermal to Abu Dhabi and singing the song that starts in the clip about forty seconds in. Needless to say, this song has been incessantly stuck in my head for the past I don’t know how many hours as it’s quite catchy, so I am passing along the favor.

Plus really, I have to say I had no real interest in visiting Abu Dhabi beyond saying I’ve been, in which case a few hours layover is kind of perfect. Beyond being a touch expensive I really don’t see much point in spending time in countries countries that restrict half their citizens particularly when I’m a member of that half. But anyway, with that soapbox moment, after a six hour flight from Bangkok I was in Abu Dhabi and this is what the airport looks like-


Quite nice, isn’t it? Curiously the airport was absolutely bustling around midnight as most people are catching connections elsewhere. Oh, and it has to be one of the most expensive airports I’ve ever seen- duty free was one exclusive designer store after another, more than I’d ever seen in one place at a time. I guess that explained that message at landing informing the first class passengers that attendants were waiting at the gate to take them to their personal limousines…

And that is all I have to say about my last few hours in Asia, and the time I went to Abu Dhabi. Now if only there was a way to get that dratted song out of my head!